Chris Canty Says Justin Tuck Needs To Worry About Punching Opposing Offenses, Not Ny Giants Teammates

Justin Tuck’s ‘tight back’ has Giants concerned

Ive also had opportunities to hunt some of the more majestic animals that God has put on this earth. I dont know if I could put one higher than the other, but theyre both pretty awesome. Interesting. Sacking the golden boy is equivalent to shooting a glorious animal trophy? It makes some sense, sure, but there are plenty of differences. Does that animal have a contract with Uggs ? Is he coached by an older stag wearing a ripped sweatshirt and lugging around a video camera to tape the habits of other deer? Is he married to a Brazilian deer who became famous for modeling deer unmentionables ? If not, then its apples and oranges, JT.

Turn on Giants Coach Tom Coughlin, risk a fat lip from Justin Tuck

The Giants decision to release third-down back DaRel Scott on Tuesday elevates Jacobs into a familiar role. As recently as 2011, he was the Giants power back, working with Ahmad Bradshaw to give them a solid rushing tandem. And now he will play a similar role behind second-year runner David Wilson. RELATED: MYERS: VICTOR TURNS PAGE, PASSES ON PUNCHES NEW COREY STORY The good news for Corey Webster is that the hip injury that kept the cornerback out of the Giants last two games is just fine. The bad news? On Wednesday, Webster revealed that he has been dealing with a groin injury all along. That is why he has spent the last two weeks repeatedly saying that his hip was fine, and then being too injured to even travel with the team.

Ask Giants GM Jerry Reese, and he says Tucks got a lot of tread left on his tires. Ask scouts whove watched him, though, and theyll talk of a player with diminishing skills, slower speed and a body thats just been too beat up over eight NFL seasons. Given all thats at stake for the Giants and Tuck this season, they desperately need those scouts to be wrong. Tuck, now at the old NFL age of 30, has said all the right Justin Tuck Jersey Nike things since last season ended about his renewed focus and commitment, his determination to prove hes a better player, his dissatisfaction with his play in recent years. But as the Giants like to say, talk is cheap. The real game for him begins on Friday when Giants training camp opens. Thats when Tuck will arrive with as much to prove as anyone on the roster, and maybe with more riding on his shoulders than anyone but Eli Manning. With Jason Pierre-Paul sidelined by back surgery at least through the summer, Tuck needs to prove hes capable of much more than the nine sacks he has totaled the last two regular seasons. Everything about the Giants defense is predicated on generating a pass rush something they might not be able to do without a revived Tuck.

“He’s got a tight back,” coach Tom Coughlin said after practice without being specific. “They’re just taking the precautions.” LEFT HANGING: Moore’s retirement stuns Cowboys Bothered by a number of injuries, including a neck problem, Tuck had a subpar season in 2012, finishing with four sacks and 45 tackles in 15 games. As the team’s defensive captain he took a lot of criticism when the Giants finished next to last in the league in defense. Tuck was not available for comment after practice, but Sunday he told USA TODAY Sports: “I feel revitalized, I just want to get back to being a dominant football player again. I’ve always been my worst critic. “Not making the playoffs and me not having anywhere close to the year I wanted wasn’t good enough. So I’m motivated to get back to playing my style of football.

Justin Tuck and the NY Giants better hope he has something left

OK, so that’s not exactly how the old saying goes, but anyone involved with the 0-4 New York Giants might want to heed that advice. At least if the person they’re planning on bad-mouthing is Coach Tom Coughlin . If anyone turns on our coach, I would be the first one to punch him in the mouth, Justin Tuck told the New York Daily News. And put that in print. It better not happen, I know that. You’d hope other Giants would be in line behind Tuck to do the same (figuratively speaking, of course). After all, Coughlin has led the Giants to Super Bowl victories twice in the last five seasons. Receiver Victor Cruz might not have turned on the coach, but he did offer some criticism after the Giants’ 31-7 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday.

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